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Dear Center Director,


Rhythm and Rhyme Tyme has developed a curriculum, which has been proven successful in the teaching and enrichment of  hundreds of youngsters throughout Colorado since 1997!  We have become the #1 provider of “on site” music enrichment for preschoolers in Colorado because of our unique and entertaining style of education!


Our goal is to musically inspire and enrich the lives of as many children as possible. In doing so, we work to make our program as flexible and affordable to as many centers and their families as possible.  Beyond this, our uniqueness is in the talent, caring and depth of experience of our staff with whom your children can develop a great relationship. Most have been working with pre-school and elementary-aged kids for years, and many are professional musicians, recording artists, and parents as well!


Option #1 - An “All-Kids” or “Center Sponsored” program would include any or all of your students ages 1 through 6 and would have a very low  per-child cost.  The price would be based on the number of 30 minute classes per visit for up to 24 kids in each class.



Option #2 - The “Parent Choice” enrollment based program is offered in bi-monthly sessions. The minimum enrollment to start a class would be 10 children. You can use the enclosed interest sheet to find out how many parents are interested in the program. All of the cost would be the responsibility of the parent and the collection of fees the responsibility of Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme.


Option #2a - We also have a “Fund Raising”option which can be used to earn extra money for your Center by adding a percentage to the 8 week tuition.  The extra money collected would be paid to the Center every 8 weeks and would amount to a “Commission” of around 10%.  (Amount could increase if needed)


If you are unfamiliar with our program a “Free Mini-Concert” sing-along for all children will be arranged to introduce ourselves to your center. This is a 30-40 minute “sample” class where up to 50 kids are invited to experience the fun! Parents are invited too! (free class not available for special events or one-time classes)


More info on the “Parent Choice” option:



“Parent choice” program:


Enclosed you will find a poster (with your teacher’s picture on it) and an interest sheet (numbered from 1-20).

 To find out if a “Parent choice” program would work at your facility, simply do the following:


1.  Hang up the poster and interest sheet in a conspicuous place, on the bulletin board or on the check-in counter.


2.  Mention the interest sheet to parents as they pick up or drop off their children. (no money is required to sign the sheet).


3.  When our teacher comes to do the free mini-concert our goal is to have 8 to 10 people signed up on the interest sheet.  We will then decide on a starting date/time and within a few days you will receive flyers announcing the start of your exciting new music program!



If you think that the “All-Kids” (center sponsored) program would work better for your center, the interest sheet would not be necessary since these programs would be initiated by the director. And, as always, all programs include a Free Mini-Concert to get them started!


Your area teacher will be contacting you soon to find out which program would work best for your center.


(Please note: these rates are guidelines and our individual Freelance/Teachers may charge different rates, at their discretion)



Sincerely,         Marty Groeneman  :-}    Owner, Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme



PS.  Please call me at: 970-227-1331



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