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Becoming a Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme Teacher!


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Having a Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme Teacher come to your School or Home Day Care Center!


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Our preschool music teaching program!


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Dear Day Care Provider,

Thank you for your interest in Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme, the #1 on-site music program for preschoolers in Colorado! By taking part in the Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme "Musical Firsteps" program you will be joining the scores of other providers and hundreds of children that we currently serve every week all over Colorado!

Your children will experience the following:

Rhythm Instruments - Shaker Eggs, Rhythm Sticks, Castanets and Jingle Bells.

Traditional sing-along songs - Good old fashioned songs such as Old Mac Donald, Yankee Doodle, ABC's, Mary Had a Little Lamb and many more!

Action and Movement Activities - which encourage gross motor skills in a structured manner such as Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes or many other great tunes!

Lovable Puppet Characters - Each Music Provider has a complete entourage of lovable silly puppet characters which will entertain, educate and encourage your children to become involved with their special music time!

Fingerplays - many fun fingerplays which will help develop the fine motor skills of your students!

Story Songs - Our Music Providers are great at turning a simple story into an adventure for those curious minds! They may even use a hat or costume to make it more interesting!

Dancing & Movement - Every session includes a time where we allow the youngsters to move to the rhythm of the music as they shake-out-their-sillies or do the "Twist" or a fun "Freeze Dance"!

Our 30 minute sessions will always keep the attention of preschoolers even as young as 1 year old! So call me so we can set up a time for you "Free Demonstration Class" so you can see first hand just how much fun it is for your children!

There is no contract to sign,

no registration fee,

no expensive materials to purchase and

you are under no obligation to do any certain number of classes!

We just keep coming to your Home or Day Care Center as long as you like! I have enclosed our current rates so you can see how affordable our program is. Call Now!


Mister Marty                

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