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Hi, I’m Marty Groeneman, owner of Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme! Colorado’s premier on-site preschool music program! The reason for our success is our educational and entertaining music curriculum which I have spent 15 years developing and have taught to thousands of enthusiastic children from Pueblo to Fort Collins! The reason you will love teaching our program is because you will have access to everything you need to build your own successful Children's music class curriculum! 


Let’s see if you meet most of our basic requirements:

     Long Term: This is not a temporary or Summer job! I need people who can work for at least a year if not longer. The children need the stability and once you get into the swing of things you will enjoy keeping this job for a long time. Most of my teachers have worked with me for several years!

     Part-Time Availability: You will need to be available to work at least 3 mornings per week in order to serve our customers! We try to let the customer decide what day and time their class will be and they won’t always be on the same day.

     Transportation: You must have a reliable car that is economical! You will need to drive from place to place since we are an on-site program.Location: You need to live in or near the area that we are looking to add teachers! Our customers will not be well served if our teachers have to drive more than 30 minutes to do their class! Too many variables that can lead to unreliability!

     You will be paid 55% of the amount that is collected for each class! You will increase to 60% after 6 months of service and 65% after one year of service. You will be responsible for collecting the money for the classes at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made.You will have access to hours of audio and video resources giving you hundreds of song ideas for building your classes.


You will need to provide your own accompaniment instrument and your own rhythm instruments and puppets. I can get those items at wholesale prices if you need them. So, send me your audio tape, photo, resume’ facebook link or anything else that will help me decide who will be the next children’s music icon! You can be a star to the most precious and appreciative fans in the world! Hope to hear from you soon!


Dear Prospective RRT Music Provider,This is my standard reply so I will give you some general information about the opportunity.

1. This is teaching a music class for VERY YOUNG KIDS! These are preschoolers which means anywhere from 1 year old up to only 5 or maybe 6 at the most! You need to be pretty confident that you are cut out to be interested and engaged with this age group.

2. You will be the group leader so you will need to be able to play an accompaniment instrument such as guitar or portable keys. The Autoharp can even work for this!

3. Our customers are spread around the metro area so the teachers that are the most successful are the ones who are willing to drive a little bit.

4. It takes time to develop our customer base so there may be a period of several week before you will began getting leads once you learn all of the songs and become familiar with the curriculum.

5. Our most successful teachers are the ones who have plenty of other part-time work and are doing this to supplement their other income. Our average teacher makes $500 to $1000 after they have built up their schedule which may take several months. Your earning potential is as high as $2600 per month!


6. This is a great part-time job and we have teachers who have been with Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme for many years! They enjoy the work and love the kids! It is a lot of fun!!!

Take the “New Teacher Test” below and see how you do. Please email me back or call me if you are still interested in becoming part of our team. Then we can set up a meeting or have you visit one of our classes.



Answer the questions below to see if this job is right for you!



1. Do you enjoy being around children?

2. Are you comfortable around kids or do they make you nervous?

3. Would you describe your self as an easy going person?

4. Do you enjoy explaining things in simple terms so that everyone understands you?

5. Do you get impatient with people when they don't understand you?

6. Do crowded rooms make you nervous? 

7. Have you ever spent enough time with children to know whether or not you enjoy being around them?

8. Would you enjoy teaching a class where the child in front of you just soiled his/her diaper and none of the teachers notice it except you?

9. Would you try to calm down a group-pickle ice cream and squid pudding are yummy-of noisy children or would you just run out of the room pulling your hair and screaming?

10. Do you enjoy being touched with sticky hands and having snotty faces rubbing up against your leg? (maybe enjoy isn't the right word)

11. Am I exaggerating these situations or are these real life possibilities for this job?


Musical Ability:


1. Do you enjoy playing your guitar or keyboard in your spare time?

2. Do you have an hour or so per week to practice new songs?

3. Would you be satisfied playing for children or are you just applying for this job until you become a rock star?

4. Do you enjoy playing the same songs over and over again several time per week?

5. Do you think that playing for children would be easy and that you would never need to practice?

6. Would you enjoy writing clever Children's songs?

7. Could you see yourself being a Children's Entertainer or Children's Musician?




1. Are you always on time when you have an appointment?

2. Do you work well without someone standing over you telling you what to do?

3. Do you have good rapore with customers on a professional level, or are you unfriendly and grumpy and generally don't like to interact with people?

4. Are you an organized person who can manage a small group of clients and make your own schedule?

5. Do you have a cell phone and email so that customers can contact you easily?

This is a self test! If you were honest in your answers you should know whether or not you are a good candidate for this job! When you email me back please include the very strange set of words from the test above, if you actually took the test you will know which ones they are.











































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